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Volunteer Opportunities

Education Coaches

CurrentlyTrending is seeking Education Coaches to work with high school students. CurrentlyTrending coaches support students and their families with obstacles that may be stopping them from attending school or performing their best in school.  Coaches visit the students at their high schools once a month( more if needed) to speak with the student about their grades, concerns or needs. At times coaches will attend meetings to support parents in their quest to advocate for their children. These meeting consist of I.E.P meetings, report card conferences or meeting at the parent or teacher request.CurrentlyTrending coaches take part in our once a month Saturday sessions in order to build bonds and facilitate conversations and learning.


CurrentlyTrending Education Coaches must be knowledgeable about the educational process, be patient, kind, caring and possess an understanding of the differences in all children.


All coaches must be former educators with at least 5 years experience.

Facilitators of Learning

CurrentlyTrending is seeking Facilitators of Learning for a total of 1-2 hours per day. We are seeking professionals, retired, and current educators who do not operate under the traditional concept of teaching, to guide and assist students in learning for themselves - picking apart ideas, forming their own thoughts about them, and owning material through self-exploration and dialogue.


The hours needed are weekdays from 3:30-7:30 or Saturdays. If you have a subject, trade, interest or skill you would like high school students to learn, because it would make this world a better place and enhance their chances for future success, this opportunity is for you.


All volunteers must pass a child abuse and criminal FBI background check.

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