About Us

CurrentlyTrending operates from the core belief that every child is born with unique gifts and the innate ability to succeed, and that too many children are not given the opportunity to identify and develop their unique gifts. 

CurrentlyTrending is founded and staffed by experienced educators who love their students and are committed to lowering the poverty rate through direct work with young people. Using current or retired professionals and college students, CurrentlyTrending coaches disadvantaged students attending neighborhood middle and high schools in under performing areas. The educators at CurrentlyTrending believe from firsthand experience that one way to lower the poverty rate is to ensure students graduate from high school, have an internship, be invested in something they are passionate about, and have someone to support them along the way.

There is no better way to help students escape poverty than by coaching them to do it themselves, while providing them with the resources, support, accountability, and unwavering belief that they can succeed.